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Bitrix24 On-Premise installs an account to a server of any host or inside a local network at your corporate server with limited third party access. You can set up Bitrix24 On-Premise on company servers or database and track its operational speed and security. For your convenience, Bitrix24 company has web images available for the most popular virtualization environments.

You can use your own custom domain name without limits for your individual Bitrix24 On-Premise instance.

System administrator is fully responsible for configuration and setup of DNS servers DNS (Domain Name System) — is a hierarchical and decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet.
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and DNS resource records DNS resource records — records about corresponding name and service information within domain names system.
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In general, inside your account at the host site (domain management panel, domain zone DNS-editor) you need to write the most important DNS resource records
TypeFull nameDescription, use
AAddressAddress record in IPv4 format, correspondence between name and IP address. One of the most frequently used records.
AAAAA+1+1+1Address record - А equivalent - in IPv6 format.
CNAMECanonical nameCanonical name for alised name (single level redirection). Widely used, but has limitations in application.
MXMail ExchangerMail gateway address for domain. Consists of two parts — priority (the higher the number, the lower the priority), and host address. Critically important for SMTP-protocol and basis for Internet email routing.
NSAuthoritative name serverAddress for the host, responsible for domain extension. Critically important for functioning of the domain name system itself.
PTRpointerCorrespondence for address name — backward correspondence for A and AAAA. Widely used for IPv4 addresses in the domain, for IPv6 — in ip6.
SOAStart of authorityInformation authority indication. Used for indicating a new zone.
TXTText stringRecord for arbitrary binary data, up to 255 bytes in size. Used for any text notes.

  1. Continuous Internet access is required to communicate with external users using your Bitrix24 On-Premise, and account domain must have Bitrix24 mail server MX-record:
  2. In case, when Bitrix24 On-Premise operates via https protocol, it must have a valid SSL-sertificate, self-signed certificate is not suitable.


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