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Last Modified: 25.07.2022

Technical support schedule setup is performed at the Schedules page (Services > Helpdesk > Schedules > Schedules):

The form for creating/editing schedule indicates the schedule name, for example, 5-day work week:

The tab for Business hours details the config for business hours:

Work schedule is defined for each weekday. There are several tech support mode available:

  • 24 hours - clock round business hours;
  • business closed;
  • business hours (HH24:MI) - allows settings tech support business hours intervals (with 24-hour format). Indicated date are checked for validity.

Schedules created in the system are employed when configuring techsupport SLA levels.

You can configure some exceptions for rendered technical support (for example, technical support provided for a specific level is provided from Monday to Friday, but due to moved holiday you must assign Saturday as workday). Exceptions setup is performed at the Exceptions page (Services > Helpdesk > Schedules > Exceptions):

The creating/editing an exception, a name, exception action (holiday or workday), period of exception and selected support levels to apply this exception:


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