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Last Modified: 28.07.2022

Technical support administrator is an employee that has full access to technical support (helpdesk) module. This user can perform responsibilities for a user, responsible for a ticket.

Default responsible employee, assigned automatically as per to module settings. This user can perform responsibilities for a user, responsible for a ticket.

Ticket responsible user: such employees are responsible for reviewing and resolving individual tickets.

Responsible employee can be assigned as follows:

  • automatically, according to the established parameters, with default responsible user assigned;
  • manually by technical support administrator or a default responsible user when viewing specific ticket.

Note: To be able to select employees in the Responsible field in cases, described below, you must assign tech support employee access permissions for technical support (helpdesk) module.

The simplest way is to create a separate user group (Settings > Manage users > User groups) and indicate corresponding access permissions at the Access tab.

  • Automatically assigned responsible user

    Automatic assignment of responsible employee is performed based on the following parameters:

    • according to settings of the following Reference books: Category, Priority, Source (Services > Helpdesk > Reference book > Category, Services > Helpdesk > Reference book > Priority, Services > Helpdesk > Reference book > Source), depending on the designated ticket type.

    • if Reference book didn't assign a ticket-responsible user, system assigns a default ticket-responsible user with specific SLA.

      According to user access permissions, each ticket is designated with specific SLA. SLA settings (Services > Helpdesk > Support levels) can indicate a technical support employee, responsible for solving issues with individual support level.

    • in case a SLA-responsible user is not assigned by default, such employee is assigned based on helpdesk module settings (Settings > System settings > Module settings > Helpdesk).

  • Manually assigned responsible user

    When viewing the ticket, technical support administrator (or a Default responsible/Ticket responsible user) can assign or edit a user to be responsible for resolving the ticket issue:


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