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Last Modified: 19.09.2022

  Creating an information block

You can use the Information block module to create a helpdesk wizard.

To do it, you need to create an iblock type and the information block itself to store wizard questions.

Let's overview the process of creating a required information block:

  1. First, create a new type of information block (for example, services):

  2. Next, create an information block Open the page at Content > Information blocks > Information block types > type_name, where type_name shows an actual name for the type of information block you need (please consider, that after creating an information block, you won't be able to change its type. For example, Wizard iblock ).

    Add element properties It will be more convenient for site visitors to read articles with indicated author and added photos. It's more convenient to select products in an online store when such products have details available. Try to create properties in iblocks with the most comprehensive details. for the iblocks: Field type and Values:

    View full config for Fields property

    View full config for Value property

    You can use Titles tab for conveniently re-defining of the word Element, by replacing it with the word Question (to show Add question phrase instead of Add element and etc.).

  Creating wizard questions

Go to the created information block (Content > Services > Wizard).

First wizard step: indicate a reason for helpdesk ticket. To create such reason, click the button Add category , located at the context panel. Reason for a helpdesk ticket is written in the Name field:

Note: number of categories and subcategories for each category depends on a specific question. As the result, number of wizard steps for creating a ticket depends on the category nesting levels (categories can have different level of nesting). Our example has only one level of nesting, that's why the wizard will have only two steps: first step - selection of reason for submitting a helpdesk ticket and second step - response to questions.

Go to the created category. To create some clarification questions, click the button Add question , located at the context panel. The opened form you must complete the field Name, select Field type (for example, dropdown list) and enter possible field values:

The resulting page for Wizard (Content > Services > Wizard) will contain items for created wizard steps.

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