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  Apple Sign In

When your site has an proprietary mobile app in the App Store that uses the login via social networks, you need Applications that use third-party or social network service login system (for example, login via Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon or WeChat) can also offer an equivalent Apple login option.

Exceptions are educational, corporate, governmental and business-related applications that use their third-party authorization login features.

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to add the login option Sign in with Apple. Sign in with Apple - Apple company proprietary login system.

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To connect Apple Sign In, indicate the parameters App ID, Key ID, Team ID and Secret key in format pem in the Social Website Integration module settings (Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > Social Website Integration):

Application ID (Identifier) and Team ID can be found in Apple menu panel.

  Key ID and Secret key in the format pem

To get values for parameters key ID and Secret key in format pem, execute the following actions:

  1. Enter your Apple Developer account. Apple Developer website offers tools and information, required for creating highly efficient applications for Apple platforms. If you are a newbie in developing products tailored for Apple platforms, you can start free of charge. Simply accept Apple developer agreement and you'll be able to register an account. Use this account for downloading a beta-version of software and tools, visiting forums and error messages.

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  2. Go to the page Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles and select your application in the tab Identifiers, by clicking on it:

  3. Mark the item Sign In with Apple:

  4. Go to the Keys and generate Key ID section:

    Convert this key into the pem format, executing conversion in the command line

    openssl pkcs8 -in AuthKey_123456.p8 -nocrypt -out AuthKey_123456.pem

Next, configure Service ID — unique web application identifier.

  Service ID configuration

Configure Service ID — unique web application identifier:

  • Return to the tab Identifiers and add new identifier, by selecting Service ID type, complete all required fields and click on the Configure. in the field Sign In With Apple.
  • Select Primary App ID for your app in the form that opens, indicate domains and list redirect URLs after successful login (each URL per next string):

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