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Last Modified: 13.10.2021

General server settings

  1. Full access from third-party source to http://site_address/pub/imconnector/, to the root directory and all files and subdirectories.
  2. Active license key.
  3. Access from Bitrix24 account to all third-party URLs, specifically to Facebook and other social networks via http and https.
  4. Nginx parameters setup: nginx proxy_ignore_client_abort on. This setting must be enabled for a specific location.
  5. Online chat for connector:
    • enable X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN for location /online/(/?)([^/]*) (open this page as frame from any site or from target location, where this frame is located). Such settings can be inside Nginx and in the module Proactive protection in the section Anti-frame protection (Settings > Proactive protection > Anti-frame protection);

External Messenger Connectors module settings (Settings > System Settings > Module settings > External Messenger Connectors) are simple:

  • Website public address - ensure that after installation the account URL was identified correctly. It must be specified jointly with account URL and protocol. Closing slash character is optional.
  • Enable debug mode - this option enables connector error log into the file /bitrix/modules/imconnector_error.log.

    Note: only error log is written into the file - enabling this option is only needed for debugging, because tracing log is not written into this file.

  • Connectors in use - select connectors (channels), available for connection

    List of active Open Channel connectors is fairly significant:
    - Online chat,
    - Telegram,
    - Facebook: Messages,
    - Facebook: Comments,
    - Microsoft Bot Framework, allowing for Open Channels to connect the following services: Skype, Slack, Kik, GroupMe, Twilio, Web Chat, E-mail, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Direct Line.

Attention! When you are unable to connect channels, experiencing some errors, check if domain name, protocol are correct and is accessible from the Internet.


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