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Last Modified: 01.09.2021

Create the Company Structure iblock type and State History iblock for storing personnel update records containing information about changes in employee careers.

To show career updates correctly at the account, indicate the created iblock in the field State History information block inside Intranet module settings:

Iblock access permission settings determine the account user groups that can create/update such records:

By default, only System administrators can manage personnel updates.

Record creating

To add a personnel updates record, go to the State History page (Content > Company Structure > State Changes). Click on Add record, located at the context panel. It open a new record form:

  • Complete the field Modified on in the Choose the Employee whose status has changed.
  • Mandatorily complete the field Type of Change, for example, mark it as Moved, Hired and etc.
  • Indicate brief record details in the field Short Description of the Change in Status.
  • Saved the entered data via the Save button.

Publishing personnel changes

The component Staff Changes ( serves for showing company personnel updates in the public section.

Note: System administrator have access to the following management button, located at the page in public section:
  • Add record - add record about staff changes in the public section;
  • Manage - go to the record managemnet about staff updates in the administrative section.


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