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Approve element

The Approve element This activity allows performing element approval within launched workflow. Depending on the result (element is approved or not) there are 2 options available for further actions. activity is convenient for automating work distribution process. For example, you have an objective: notify several employees about a required task to be executed. The task is assigned to the first employee that will agree to execute it. As soon someone volunteers to undertake this task, other employees won't be offered to perform it. In case, no one agrees, the process is repeated.

Sequence of actions:

  • Use the While Loop Construction executes its subactivities while this condition is in progress. . Voting is performed until an employee undertakes to perform the task.
  • Let's overview the Approve element activity settings in more detail :
    • Indicate the employees to receive notifications in the Approving voters field.
    • Approval type - select Vote.
    • Minimum percentage of participating users required for acceptance - indicate 0 in this field. As soon as any user among the listed will approve the element (and agrees to perform the specific task in our example), the voting stops.
    • Wait for responses from all participants - indicate Yes, so the vote cycle to be repeated only after all users have voted.
  • After the employee have approved the element, this user is assigned with the Task. Employee, who approved the element, can be indicated via Insert Value inside the previous activity's Additional results.
  • Use Edit variable to manage exit from the While Loop activity.

Final workflow layout:


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