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Last Modified: 09.09.2021

When extra information is needed

Below is the example of creating a simple template for sequential business process that requests additional information to be used in report logs and element status.

Set of actions:

  • Add the activity for Additional information.
  • Switch to the activity parameter settings. Enter the required fields and add new ones using Add field option:
    • Start date (Date/Time type);
    • Quantity (Integer type);
    • Approved (List type).

    Within this activity, create fields , to be displayed to the user. By completing these fields, user sets the required variables. To update fields, enter activity parameters or use the button Template parameters at the workflow designer side panel.

  • Add Log entry This activity allows adding random entries into report and log. activity. Open activity settings window and use Insert Value, to insert Text your variables into the field (Variables tab) and comments (Additional parameters tab).
  • Add Set text status This activity allows changing element text status, which simplifies element status tracking in the general workflow list during workflow progress. and indicate text .
  • Start the workflow and enter the required data .
  • The tab My Workflows shows status for completed workflow.
  • Go to workflow log , it will show an entry, containing variables.

Resulting template is as follows:


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