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Last Modified: 01.09.2021

This activity allows to automatically select employee for further use in workflow.

Parameter description


  • any - selecting standard employee at random;
  • supervisor - supervisor selecting Available only for Bitrix24 On-Premise. for specified employee.

From users - indicates users or groups from which a single employee is selected.

For user - indicates user for which the supervisor is selected.

Supervisor Level (the more the higher) - selects supervisor level for specified user.

Backup users - Indicate users when when main users listed above cannot be selected. For example, if From users group doesn't contain employees, selects from backup users.

Escalate to higher level if absent - allows automatically Activity determines if employee is unavailable according records, displayed at the Absence chart page. skip missing employees, for example, when they are on vacation.

Skip checked out employees - allows automatically skip employees who clocked-out.

Note: starting from Workflows module version 20.0.700, parameters Escalate to higher level if absent and Skip checked out employees have an added option Apply to backup users . With the option enabled, selected options will be applied to both the main users and backup users.
Example of unavailable employee/supervisor


This activity results can be retrieved using the form Insert Value - Additional Results, available directly after the activity is added to a template.


  • Selected Employee.

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