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Last Modified: 01.09.2021

This activity allows sending event notification to an e-mail, indicated in the activity settings.

Parameter description

Message type - indicates for message format: as text or with html use.

Encoding - indicates encoding for message sending.

Message send mode - select method for message sending:

  • Direct sending - message will be sent directly Preferable option for companies that handle small-scale email communication. ;
  • Send using Mail Subsystem (engaged email events and templates) - message will be sent via in-built email system. Sending may occur with delay If you are actively operate with email and mass email campaign, this option will be more suitable. .

Message template website - indicates website for message template to be used for in-built email system. Different websites can have different email templates Note: When messages are sent via Mail Subsystem with unsuccessful delivery, you need to check the selected message template .

Attachment - allows adding items to an email, stored in fields, parameters or variables  File or File (Drive).

E-mail address separator - indicates character used for separating recipient email URL in case of email campaign.


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