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Last Modified: 13.10.2021

Designing a workflow

The Workflow Designer module included into the advanced Bitrix24 editions is used for designing, creating and updating workflows/business processes.

Mechanism for designing the workflows/business processes is implemented via visual programming using the drag&drop technology Drag-and-drop is the method for manipulating elements of interface via the mouse controller or touch screen.
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, easy-to-understand and familiar to any PC user. Workflow template is created in a special visual editor Visual editor is tool, included in the Workflow Designer module. It allows create and edit workflow templates. , that allows user not proficient in software programming to setup a required workflows configuration, show its specific details via simple diagrams.

Creating workflows - is a programming activity, albeit without any code writing (in majority of cases). Additional requirements include assignment of tasks, algorithmics and testing, aside from subject, workflow and template use knowledge and awareness. That's why, it's recommended to have specific skillset and basic training to perform this activity.

Created workflow template is executed automatically or manually, depending on the settings. The complete operation include simultaneous operation of several workflow instances with system managing these instances, saving and restoring them, if required. Separate log is maintained for each workflow instance for further flowchart analysis and correction for new conditions.

Note: When the designed workflow/business process has a complex structure, it's better to use State-driven workflow.


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