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Last Modified: 28.07.2021

Photo Gallery 2.0 module performance is based on the Information block module. User albums and photographs are stored as sections and elements of an information block.

As a result, you need to create an iblock type, for example Photo Gallery, and for all account photo galleries - individual iblocks of this type. For example:

  • Photo Gallery – for storage company albums and photos. Iblock sections are albums, elements - photos.
  • Group photo gallery – for storage of workgroup albums and photos. Iblock sections are workgroup galleries, subsections - group albums, elements - photos.
  • User photo gallery – for storage of albums and photos of account employees. Iblock sections are user personal galleries, subsections - user albums, elements - photos.

Note: With the installed Extranet module is available, the list will contain 2 more iblocks: Group photo gallery - extranet and User photo gallery - extranet.

Resulting created structure will look as follows:

Access to photo gallery is defined in the selected iblock access settings:


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