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Last Modified: 13.10.2021

The Polls and surveys module is designed for managing various polls and surveys launched at Bitrix24 On-premise instance. The module tools allow creating poll channels and votes with varying employee participation (individual employees may be excluded/included from the vote/poll with only a single vote permitted), customized vote result display and etc.

Using access permission restrictions allows managing employee participation in various polls and votes, as well as such vote results overview.

Managing survey and poll parameters allows for:

  • limited poll participation time period;
  • several response variants offered to voters;
  • options for customized responses to poll/survey questions;
  • customization of resulting graphs and diagrams;
  • and etc.

Only Account administrator access permission level is required to create polls and surveys. Publishing a poll in the public section requires a System administrator access permission level.

Polls in Bitrix24 exist as both part of Polls module and as a Feed feature, for example (Poll within the cloud editions - is only a part of features available in individual entities.)

Differences between these two poll types:

  • As individual feature, Poll feature is available only in Bitrix24 On-premise. It is active within time period, specified when creating such poll.
  • As part of Feed's feature, it's available in both versions (Cloud and On-premise), and can be stopped directly from Feed:


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