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Last Modified: 01.09.2021

The following actions are required to setup information blocks used for organizing document library (Documents iblock type) jointly with business processes:

  Iblock setup

The following actions are required for iblock to participate in Business processes:

  • Go to the iblock property setup (Content > Information blocks > Information Block Types > [Require_iblock_type]).
  • Select Business Processes within the Iblock in the Used in Workflow or Business Process field.
  • If the Workflows module is not installed in the system, business process support is enabled via the option Used in Workflow or Business Process.

  Access permission setup

User groups must have sufficient access permissions for handling business processes. Go to the Access tab for a configured iblock and assign access permission level not lower than Business Processes for corresponding groups:

Attention! Business process access permission level allows for specified user groups only to participate within business processes. For users to be able to launch business processes individually, specify a higher access permission level for an iblock, for example Edit.

  Business process autorun

Business process autorun setup when creating/modifying an iblock element

The Business process module allows to autorun Note: Autorun is recommended for recurring processes that doesn't require settings update. selected business processes when creating/updating an iblock element.

  • Go to the Business Process Templates tab for configured iblock.
  • When finding a required iblock name, flag it Note: When both flags are removed, workflow can be launched only manually. in the Autorun field: Create and Edit Attention! Do not use the Edit mode for processes that can launch themselves - it will create an infinite loop. .
  • Note: If you have an advanced Bitrix24 edition (with available Workflow designer module), you can edit standard business process templates and create your own custom templates. That's why standard business process template names are shown as Business process templates links.

To launch a business process manually, use the action menu item Run workflow for a required iblock element.


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