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  Company hierarchy specifics

You need to determine the user assignment per departments at the AD server, as well as company department hierarchy and department supervisors. This structure can be imported when importing users to Bitrix24 products, with user assigned to appropriate departments immediately. Also, which is more simple, a single department can be assigned to all users from AD.

To define company structure in AD, there are 2 special user attributes Properties that pass department supervisor and department name - are defined in server settings in the tab Field settings. By default, they are department and manager. :

  • department - character designation for department, with current user assigned.
  • manager - DN (Distinguished name, unique identifier in AD) for user, that is supervising this employee.

Company hierarchy is based on this association:

  • When supervisor is part of another department, it defines the association between departments: manager department is deemed as senior to the current one. Accordingly, current user is deemed as supervisor to this user's department.
  • When manager is listed in the same department, no extra action is performed and it's the only way to show directly that user isn't the department's supervisor. You can conclude that the same supervisor must be assigned for all subordinates in department.
  • In case user doesn't have a defined department, but has a supervisor, supervisor's department is deemed as user's department as well. The same rules and default settings also apply to the supervisor, thus building a subordination chain.
  • If a department is specified, but without a supervisor - this department is listed in the company structure root and the user can become its supervisor.
  • If user has no department or supervisor, system assigns a default department, defined in the module settings, to this user.


For example, the following structure:

- Department 1
-- Supervisor 1
-- Employee 1
-- Department 2
   -- Supervisor 2
   -- Employee 2

To build such hierarchy, all employees must have correctly specified departments (the attribute department), as well as, for both employees to have specified direct supervisor in the field manager ( Supervisor 1 and Supervisor 2, respectively). And, the most important aspect, the Supervisor 2 must have the field manager specified as Supervisor 1.


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