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Last Modified: 26.10.2021

Managing user accounts

You can manage user account at the User list page (Settings > Manage users > User list):

To add a new user, click on the Add user button, located at the context panel.

Warning for Bitrix24 On-premise administrators

Updating user account

Open User parameters edit form by double-clicking on the user account or by using Edit in the context menu. Administrator can use Log in command to exit from his/her profile in a single click and re-login under the selected account.

User account form looks as follows:

Form field names are generally self-explanatory and clear.

Large-scale projects with several administrators can have profile update logs: use the option Keep history of user profile field updates: in the Main module settings. The updates are displayed at the page Settings > Manage users > Profile History.

Administrator profile

Administrator profile is created automatically with identifier 1 when system is installed. Password for this profile must contain no less than 6 characters. This user has the maximum possible access to the system. You can change registration data, but the profile itself cannot be deleted.

  • Login (min. 3 characters);
  • Password that must not shorter than 6 characters;
  • Confirmation of password, specified above;
  • E-mail.

This user has the maximum available access to the system. Administrator registration data can be updated, but the admin record cannot be deleted.


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