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Last Modified: 13.10.2021

Help when it is needed

Vast amounts of Bitrix24-related information sometimes can cause an issue: where to find an answer to your question? To simplify search for a needle in a haystack, a context Help menu was created. This menu is available in the Control Panel only.
You can access it by clicking on the button in the Control Panel. Context menu with help will show all information related to the page topic, from which it was opened. When opened from List of banners page, it displays all information pertaining to banners. When you open context Help menu from Orders page, you'll see all information related to orders, and etc.

Context help contains the following sections (not all of then can be displayed on a single page):

  • Helpdesk quick hints - list of quick Q&A. Collects standard questions and answers, received by the technical support department.
  • Learning course - list of lessons with detailed description of features.
  • User advice - articles that may be submitted by Bitrix24 partners about handling specific features.
  • Videos - list of videos with general description of features and work practices.
  • User documentation - list of page from user documentation.
  • Quick search search in all reference materials. Sometimes it can be a faster source of data.
  • Feedback - a form for a feedback request for clarification of specific product features.

For administrators, Bitrix Support24 request form is located at the end of the form below.

Clicking on article name opens a target article. There are several specifics:

  1. To properly study the features, it's useful to repeat actions, described in the article. To do it, use the link Open in a new tab . Specific article opens in a new tab, and you can repeat actions, described in this article at the site itself. It's recommended to use this option, because the course feature has wider capabilities, than context help.
  2. You can post your opinion about the article using special buttons:


Context help - information about features, opened as "on demand". For example, Information blocks opens a widow with information about handling iblocks, in the sections Media library - windows with data about media libraries only.


Courses developed by Bitrix24