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Last Modified: 01.09.2021

  All work is performed here

General menu is the place where the majority of site handling operations are performed:

  • viewing of elements, comprising the site content (for example, such elements as information blocks, banners and etc.);
  • adding of content;
  • creating and deleting files and folders;
  • menu config and etc.

Such operations are implemented by two main ways:

  • list of elements - intended for viewing elements as tables, as well as, in individual cases (for example, statistics form) - as graphs and diagrams;
  • editing forms - applied for adding and editing elements, as well as for specifying module settings and system in general.

Forms, displayed in the General menu are various, but share common elements as well. Get familiarized with their features and this effort will significantly simplify further site handling.

For further convenience of your site management, its recommended to configure the Desktop in the General menu.

A click on the icon , located next to the name, adds a Favorites link for the current page to the side Menu

  Context panel

Context panel with available actions is located between the filter bar and the list. This bar is available when a forms allows implementing customizations to the displayed elements. Context panels can be displayed in both element lists and edit forms. For example, list of products at the page Clothing (Content > Catalogs > Clothing) has such context panel:

Context panel has the button , containing additional actions. The following actions are always available:

  • Settings displays a window where the user selects columns to be shown in the list and set specific parameters, applied by default (field and sort direction, etc.).
  • Excel executes element export from the list into Microsoft Excel file.


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