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Last Modified: 28.10.2021

Deleting demo data

Bitrix24 On-premise demo data must be deleted before starting to manage Bitrix24-based work project. You may delete demo data manually or via the special tool: Cleanup Wizard.

It's preferable to use the Cleanup Wizard, because it considers all data dependencies inside the product, which are difficult to take into account when deleting demo data manually. However, Cleanup Wizard deletes all data, including the data which you may have added during demo version overview. If the added data is not needed, use the Cleanup Wizard. If such new data is important, you'll have to delete the demo data manually.

Wizard launch

Cleanup Wizard is launched:

  • using the administrative section at the page Settings > System Settings > Wizard list. Find Intranet Demo-data Cleaning Wizard (bitrix:portal_clear) in the list and double click on it (or select Install in the dropdown menu).

The system will inform you about which data will be deleted at the initiating the cleanup first step:

If everything is OK, click on the Next button. The system will delete all demo data during the second step.

Third step - process finalization notification, link to learning course and a link leading back to account.

Attention! Any data in some sections not deleted by the Cleanup Wizard, will have to be deleted manually.

The following data will remain after cleanup is complete:

  • Company section;
  • groups and group folders on the drive;
  • Feed messages;
  • products and services (CRM section);
  • information about Services Specifically:
    1. Meeting rooms;
    2. Lists -> customers;
    3. FAQs;
    4. Polls;
    5. Technical support;
    6. Links catalog;
    7. Classifieds.
  • segments (CRM Marketing section);
  • all information blocks (In Control Panel).

How to cleanup the data


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