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Last Modified: 04.08.2023

  Adding a rule

You can manage email message processing rules at the Mail rules page (Services > Mail > Rules). This rule can be added for system-created mailboxes only.

To create a new rule, click New rule on the context toolbar and choose the required type template:

  • manual settings - you will have to configure all parameters of a new rule as required;
  • adding message to social network forums - a new rule is created based on the special template (template is designed to simplify filtering rules for messages, posted to social network forums);
  • adding message to techsupport - a new rule is created using the special built-in helper template to simplify creating rules to filter out techsupport messages;
  • Bitrix24 On-premise has an additional rule type

Form for creating (editing) email contains three tabs.

  Parameters tab

Parameter tab contains main parameters for the rule:

The majority of field names are explanatory, only one field can be explained in more detail. Apply to events - select events to apply this rule:

  • When receiving mail - rule will be applied automatically when receiving mail;
  • When processing a rule manually - rule will be applied when triggered (for example, rule will be applied manually or when viewing an email).

  Conditions tab

Conditions tab contains conditions, which when satisfied, apply this rule to the message.

Creating a rule with the Adding message to techsupport template shows at this tab additional settings group.

  • Define using previously registered user email: if this condition is set to yes, attempt to bind this message to user, then the rule will attempt to find a registered user with such address in the database and bind this newly received message. Otherwise, upon receiving email from any addresses, tech support module will create such email messages as anonymous.
  • Add new message to an already hidden message: this condition determines which messages from which address will be added into an open tech support request. When setting the flag as hidden, the message will be available to tech support employees only.
  • Subject template for reply message – regular expressions, applied for sorting incoming emails. The field is designed for developers; it's not recommended to modify it without need.
  • Associate new message to site: specifies website with newly created and associated message.
  • Associate new message to the category: specifies subject category with newly created and associated message.
  • Assign importance level to new message: allows specifying importance level for newly created message.

  Actions tab

When action parameters satisfy conditions of a rule, the Actions tab actions will be applied to the message.

  • Set as read status – allows marking all messages with this rule applied as read.
  • Mark as spam: – allows marking all messages with this rule applied as spam.
  • PHP script action – optional PHP-script executed when applying a rule to a message.
  • Delete message – deletes messages with applied rule.
  • Do not process with other rules: – specifies after this rule is applied, other rules won't be applied to this message, even if the message satisfies conditions of the rule.

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