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Quick and efficient

One of the key factors for any site visitors is the time needed to open a site page. Another important task to be resolved by a Bitrix Framework administrator is site accessibility under any loads.

The goals of maintained performance and fail-safety using standard Bitrix Framework tools is one of the site administrator main qualification requirements. List of such tools is sufficiently large and you таких инструментов достаточно большой и с ними вы познакомитесь в этой главе.

Also, it's recommended to use the Compression module Starting from the Main module version 20.0.1300, the Compression module has been retired from Bitrix24. It's recommended to configure content compression at the web server. for sending compressed pages.

If you have fully mastered and utilized standard tools, but performance is still "lagging", one of possible reasons may be site development. In this case, you may be assisted by the section Performance in Bitrix Framework Applicable development processes may significantly affect the performance, albeit not the only thing. Developer errors may cause a decreased performance even when using most powerful hardware.

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