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Last Modified: 31.07.2023

Extranet is an expansion for a Bitrix24 corporate portal that allows for a company to establish and maintain confidential communication with suppliers, distributors and other external users without access to their internal corporate data.

Modules is distributed within «Bitrix24 Self-hosted». Starting from April 1st, 2023 Bitrix24 editions, purchased before this date the number of external users in the Extranet module is not limited and doesn't depend on the Bitrix24 license type. the number of external users depends on Bitrix24 edition and on the number of employees (regular users). For example, "Business – 50" provides 50 regular and extranet users in total.

Extranet module, user must have System administrator level of access permissions. Account administrator can have access to extranet if case this user is also a member Extranet users group. A special Extranet Site Administrators group is created for current site admin operations.


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