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Last Modified: 21.12.2023

  Section for Bitrix24 Developer resources

Starting from REST module version 20.5.0, a new Developer resources tab has been introduced. It contains the tools necessary for improving and simplifying integration in your Bitrix24:

The following tools are available:

  • Common use cases
  • Integrations
  • Statistics

Let's overview each of these tools in more detail.

  Common use cases

This tab contains common use cases for integration using examples of code and pre-set parameters based on webhooks and local applications.

Click to expand the list of common use cases

Each case (or a scenario) has the REST request builder 1 used for selecting required parameter values to be used in external systems:

REST API method can be selected in the request builder, with method description displayed, custom parameters added and completed code example available for download (an example already has necessary parameters to execute requests). The request can be executed and result retrieved, checking the webhook operation in the same menu.

Access permission setup 2 allows permitting request execution using only specific Bitrix24 tools.

After saving, the created apps and webhooks will be displayed in the Integrations tab.


All created Bitrix24 account integrations (webhooks and applications) are collectively listed on a page:

This list shows the following integration data:

  • User/creator
  • Name
  • Access permission scope
  • Events
  • Widgets

Display of required fields can be configured in the upper left corner of the list by clicking at cogwheel

Also, integration settings editing can be accessed from this list (or delete it).

Secret codes for webhooks of other users are unavailable for even a Bitrix24 user with administrator access permissions. When an administrator edits a webhook of another user, the secret key is reset and this administrator becomes this webhook's owner.

More details on secret URL code


This section displays total number of your Bitrix24 daily REST requests. Detailed statistics for each webhook, external integration or application are available as well:

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