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Last Modified: 12.08.2021

Developers usually don’t intend to publish all their custom solutions on the Bitrix24.Market. However, making your private application suited to be offered to a wider audience is extremely easy with Bitrix24.

Choosing the right tools you will employ to develop your solution will define the success of the project. Developing a solution for the Bitrix24.Market will require that you not only make it technically perfect, but also resolve any management-related issues. You can use an assortment of tools that will make integration faster and easier for custom development jobs and private solutions. Security of private solutions is usually ensured by the limited context for such application use.

I want to develop a custom solution for a specific project (private ERP system integration; a chatbot for use in my company; export CRM data to our company's financial department etc.)

I want to develop and publish a product on the Bitrix24.Market (cloud based email sending service integration; extended task reports; cloud telephony integration etc.)


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