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Last Modified: 07.09.2020

There are two options you can use with REST API to expand Bitrix24 features: local applications and custom webhooks.

  Local applications

Local applications are best suited for UI-based solutions:

  • reports;
  • additional handlers to provide company specific business logic;
  • solutions requiring user access management;
  • chat bots and Bitrix24 instant messenger add-ons;
  • additional actions for Bitrix24 workflows.

Local applications support all of the REST API features and call REST methods via the OAuth 2.0 protocol. However, they can be installed only on a specific instance of Bitrix24 and will not appear in the Applications catalog. You need to have administrative privileges to add a local application.

Important! To provide a streamlined and uniform user experience, it is highly recommended that your application's UI follows the look and feel of Bitrix24.

Learn how to create and quickly deploy a local application based solution.


Webhooks feature is an ideal solution to:

  • perform a one-time data export or import;
  • implement simple integrations with external and private, business specific systems (ERP, time management, software and hardware monitoring systems etc.);
  • automate lead and deal processing (CRM automation rule triggers and actions);

Webhooks are generally simpler to implement because they don’t require OAuth 2.0. User can add their own custom webhooks; REST API calls on these webhooks will inherit user (owner) permissions.

Learn how to create and deploy a webhook based solution.

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