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Last Modified: 17.08.2020

You can start using completed examples for each type of applications to create basis for your own app and to further develop its features.

Static application. Example - is a finalized application that queries REST API and showing full name of current user. How to create and install such application on your own Bitrix24 account?

Server application with a basic GUI. App example uses a simplified OAuth 2.0 showing the current user's first and last names.

Server application, embedded into standard Bitrix24 interface. App example consist of two PHP-files that you need to place on your web server. That app can add an item into context menu of contact and company list, using simplified OAuth 2.0 variant. It's displayed as slider showing current user full name.

Server application without interface inside Bitrix24. Example consist of a single PHP file that you must place on your web server. Application is able to receive Bitrix24 user authentication and use it inside the same Bitrix24 account to query REST API and retrieve current user full name.

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