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Last Modified: 24.08.2023

REST API is designed to create applications for Bitrix24 Cloud Service.

REST API allows to receive access and to manage such Bitrix24 Cloud Service tool as:

  • CRM,
  • Workflows,
  • Drive,
  • Social Network,
  • Telephony,
  • Lists,
  • Notifications,
  • Tasks,
  • Working with users and multiple Company Divisions,
  • Feed,
  • Calendars.

To use REST API methods by third-party applications, the specific app should be registered in Bitrix24 Marketplace. In this case, the application has all the necessary data to receive the OAuth 2.0 key.

The overview of how REST method is called is the following:

where transport - optional parameter, which can have values json or xml. By default - json.

Request can be sent via both GET and POST methods.

Parameter values are accepted in UTF-8 encoding.

Attention! There is a limit for the number of requests: two requests per second. If the limit is exceeded, then the restriction is triggered after 50 requests.
Bitrix24 Enterprise edition has the limit of 5 queries per second. Number of queries limit - 250.

Note: An excessive load, generated by your application/webhook can trigger an overload blocking:
'error' => 'OVERLOAD_LIMIT',
'error_description' => 'REST API is blocked due to overload.'
You can submit a ticket to unblock REST API to Helpdesk.

Bitrix Bot Platform API is an integral part of general REST system. Documentation for all the rest of methods is available in REST API documentation.

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