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Last Modified: 28.11.2017

Then creating Application for chat icon, you need to follow several simple rules:

  1. Icon could be created with a transparent background, in .PNG format.

  2. Canvas size: 108x66 px, left part is used for inactive icon, second part - to show an active icon:

  3. Main part of the icon could not be larger than 45x32 px and shall be specifically aligned in the middle of each part:

  4. Main color of inactive icon - #b3b7bc, active - #2fc7f7:

    Below you can find several templates, for your convenience:

    textarea_icon.psd marta_icon.psd textarea_icon_f.psd
  5. To load an image, when registering or updating an application, you need to specify IMAGE_FILE key. The value of this key shall be your image base64:

    'ICON_FILE' => base64_encode(file_get_contents(__DIR__.'/icon_button.png')), 

    Attention: you may choose not to create an icon for the application. Then it will be folded into the service button:

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