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Working with chatbots:

MethodMethod Description
imbot.register Chatbot registration.
imbot.unregister Chatbot deletion.
imbot.update Chatbot data update.

Working with chats:

MethodMethod Description Retrieving list of participants. Participants invitation. Participants deletion. Chatbot exit from specified chat. Chat title update. Chat color update. Chat icon update.

Working with messages:

MethodMethod Description
imbot.message.add Sending message from chatbot.
imbot.message.update Sending chatbot message update.
imbot.message.delete Chatbot message deletion. Message «Like». Sending «Chatbot is typing a message...".

Working with commands:

MethodMethod Description
imbot.command.register Registration of command to be processed by chatbot.
imbot.command.unregister Command processing deletion.
imbot.command.update Command data update.
imbot.command.answer Posting command answer.

Working with events:

EventEvent description
ONAPPINSTALL Application installation event.
ONAPPUPDATE Application update event.
ONIMBOTMESSAGEADD Event for chatbot to receive message.
ONIMCOMMANDADD Event for chatbot to receive a command.
ONIMJOINCHAT Event for chatbot to receive information that it has joined a chat (or private chat).
ONIMBOTDELETE Event to delete chatbot.

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