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Last Modified: 23.03.2022

Below you can find a brief description of ready-to-use Bitrix24 chatbots. These chatbot types are provisional: you can create a chatbot that can combine 2 or 3 types.

  • Personal Assistant

    Mia is your personal assistant. She can help you find answers to your questions, remind you of events, play tic-tac-toe or just do little chit-chat.

  • Specialist Purpose Bot

    Support Bot is designed for internal use for faster access to Bitrix24 helpdesk ticket system.

  • Open Channel Bots

    Open Channel Bot can get a user in contact with you and help along the way.

  • Entertainment Bots

    Giphy searches through a large library of animated GIF files so you can pick an image you find appropriate to your query and share it with your colleagues.

Note: A full list of Bitrix24 chatbots is available in the section with the same name Bitrix24.Market.

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