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Last Modified: 29.11.2017

With the Open Channels module, you can set up a technical support line for any Bitrix24 application, including chatbots.

The following procedure is required:

  1. Open Manage Open Channels (account main menu Company > Open Channels item) and create a tech support Open Channel for your product:

  2. Then, connect a new Bitrix24.Network communication channel:

  3. Once connection is done, the Bitrix24.Network connection settings page becomes available:

    • Be sure to fill in the fields: Name, Short description and select an Avatar - to help your clients find you.
    • The Welcome Message will be shown to a user every time they open your Bitrix24.Network Open Channel:

    • Notice the Searchable option: uncheck it to create a private support channel. It is available only if a user specifies a unique ID in the search text.

      Checking the Searchable option makes your open channel searchable just like any Bitrix24.Network user.

Your open channel can be auto connected to the user's account using the REST command:

$result = restCommand('', Array(

    'CODE' => 'a588e1a88baaf301b9d0b0b33b1eefc2b' // search code as specified on the Connectors page

), $_REQUEST["auth"]);

After the Open Channel is configured, you can write a welcome message to a client via the REST command:

Thank you for installation, we will be glad to help, if you have any questions - write to this chat. Have a good Day! :)

Note: The restCommand function is used here for illustration only. You can send a REST command with your own function, or use the Javascript-BX24.callMethod, or bitrix24-php-sdk methods. It is also possible to open such support channel via JavaScript-method.

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