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Last Modified: 26.09.2017

Often, when deploying project, based on BitrixVA/BitrixEnv, a backup copy for the project is required.

Automatic backup feature for the site and the database is available in BitrixVA/BitrixEnv. Backup will be created as per schedule in the .tar.gz archive format and recorded in the directory /home/bitrix/backup/archive/.

This method has both advantages and disadvantages, compared to Bitrix24 products built-in backup copy mechanism:

  • Advantages: higher creation speed for backup copy and independence from project performance.
  • Disadvantages: backup copy cannot be created for files, stored in Cloud-storage drives.

To create scheduled automatic backup copy via BitrixVA/BitrixEnv tools:

  • Select item 6. Manage sites in the pool > 6. Change backup settings on site in the Virtual Appliance settings.
  • Select host name from the list and confirm the option to change of automatic backup schedule:

  • Select period and hour for the start of automatic backup:

    If more detailed configuration for backup is required, command line utility can be used:

    /opt/webdir/bin/bx-sites -a backup -d dbcp --enable --minute=10 --hour=18 --day=any --month=any --weekday=any

    Note: How to configure the correct time in BitrixVA/BitrixEnv, see here.

  • After this step, the work of configuration wizard is finished. The task to create backup copy for project is added in Cron (/etc/crontab).

    Backup is created for kernel (site type kernel and ext_kernel) and its all links, if such exist. To perform backup, the task is created in crontab-file. For example:

    10 22 * * * bitrix /opt/webdir/bin/ sitemanager0 /home/bitrix/backup/archive

    As the first option, DB name is added; second option indicates catalogue, where the archive will be created.

    As a result, the following type of archive will be created by the script: www_backup__DD.MM.YYYY_<random_string>.tar.gz (for example - www_backup_dbcp_21.10.2014_1RJKXbMv.tar.gz).

    The following files could exist inside the archive:

    1. DB dump /home/bitrix/mysql_dump__DD.MM.YYYY_.sql
    2. site kernel data
    3. sites Links-type data with full path

Backup management via bx-sites

  • -a|--action - action to manage the site; in this case it executes backup
  • -d|--database - DB name (data for all sites that use this DB will be contained in the backup)
  • --enable|--disable - enabling and disabling backup for sites
  • --minute - parameters for crontab file record (minutes)
  • --hour - parameters for crontab file record (hours)
  • --day - parameters for crontab file record (day)
  • --month - parameters for crontab file record (month)
  • --weekday - parameters for crontab file record (week day)

In case of successful execution, the utility will return new options for site:

/opt/webdir/bin/bx-sites -a backup -d sitemanager0 --enable --minute=10 --hour=23 --day=1 --month=any --weekday=any -o json | python -mjson.tool  
            "BackupCronFile": "/etc/crontab",
            "BackupDay": "1",
            "BackupFolder": "/home/bitrix/backup/archive",
            "BackupHour": "23",
            "BackupMinute": "10",
            "BackupMonth": "*",
            "BackupTask": "enable",
            "BackupVersion": "v5",
            "BackupWeekDay": "*", 

Exclusion lists

Several files/catalogues are queried to be excluded from the backup copy. The list of such exclusions can be found in the file /opt/webdir/bin/ex.txt.

By default, it contains the following subcatalogues:


Backup. contents/recovery

As noted above, backup includes:

  • site kernel catalogue itself (kernel или ext_kernel);
  • DB dump file (/home/bitrix/mysql_dump_<db>.sql);
  • sites catalogues (link), which use the kernel.

For example, the command:

/opt/webdir/bin/ sitemanager0 /home/bitrix/backup/archive

creates file www_backup_sitemanager0_30.01.2015_bnnW1NPm.tar.gz in the directory /home/bitrix/backup/archive/

To perform backup, it is necessary to go to DocumentRoot of the kernel. Execute:

tar xzvvf www_backup_sitemanager0_30.01.2015_zEQkXREd.tar.gz ./
-rw-r--r-- bitrix/bitrix    5013 2015-01-30 14:02 ./workgroups/.left.menu_ext.php
-rw-r--r-- bitrix/bitrix     319 2015-01-30 14:01 ./
-rw-r--r-- root/root     5313008 2015-01-30 14:22 home/bitrix/mysql_dump_sitemanager0_30.01.2015_bnnW1NPm.sql
drwxr-xr-x                    Creating directory: home
drwxr-xr-x                    Creating directory: home/bitrix
-rw-r--r-- root/root          44 2015-01-30 14:22 home/bitrix/mysql_dump_sitemanager0_30.01.2015_bnnW1NPm_after_connect.sql

After that, DB is to be restored:

mysql sitemanager0 < home/bitrix/mysql_dump_sitemanager0_30.01.2015_bnnW1NPm_after_connect.sql

As well as the data of additional sites, if available:

rsync -av home/bitrix/ext_www/ /home/bitrix/ext_www/

Attention!: Do not forget to monitor the space on disk and periodically delete old backup copies.

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