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Last Modified: 22.09.2017

In Bitrix24 Virtual Appliance, it is possible to quickly deploy a Master-Slave cluster configuration for Bitrix24 On-Premise.

Key features:

  • Flexible SQL load balancing
  • Easy administration
  • Fast, cheap and unlimited scalability
  • Online backup
  • Web application logic maintenance not required

Ā«Master - SlaveĀ» model is realized via MySQL tools. Bitrix24 software allows to flexibly balance the load between servers, participating in replication.

Attention! Prior to start using the memcached server pool in BitrixVA/BitrixEnv, it is necessary to pre-install the Bitrix24 On-Premise Bitrix24 On-Premise or Bitrix Site Manager products with Web Cluster module. This module is available only in advanced editions of Bitrix24 products.

To create a slave MySQL server, the following steps are required:

  • Select the menu item 3. Configure MySQL servers > 4. Create slave MySQL server, enter host name in the pool in which the slave MySQL server will be created (in this example - server2):

  • Enter passwords for replication and cluster:

    Note: Replication and cluster passwords are required to be entered once, then these passwords will not be requested when new servers are added.

  • Wait until the task of adding MySQL server is completed.
  • Create one more slave MySQL server in the similar manner (server3). As a result, we will get three MySQL servers: master (server1) and two slaves (server2 and server3):

Attention! Task execution may take a rather long time (up to 2-3 hours and more) depending on the task complexity, data volume used in such tasks, capacity and server load. You can check the currently executed tasks by using menu item 5. Background tasks in the pool > 1. View running tasks. If task completion log files are needed to be reviewed, they are located in the following directory /opt/webdir/temp.

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