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Last Modified: 27.08.2014

For a BitrixVA based project, just like for any other web project, data safety is always one of the most cherished and cared for aspects.

Since version 4.0, Bitrix Virtual Appliance includes an option to create automatic backups of the website (the contents of /bitrix/home/www/) and the database. The backup files are saved as .tar.gz archives in /home/bitrix/backup/archive/ according to the schedule.

This method has both advantages and disadvantages compared to backup mechanism integrated into Bitrix products:

  • Advantages: faster backup and no dependency on project performance capability.
  • Disadvantage: you cannot backup files located in cloud storages with this method.

To schedule automatic backup using BitrixVM tools:

  • Select 6. Manage sites in the pool > 6. Change backup settings on site in the menu:
  • Select the hostname from the list and confirm automatic backup schedule settings change:

  • Specify how often and when the backup will be created:

    Note. Click here for information on setting the correct time in VA.

  • Now that the set up master operation is finished and project backup task is added to Cron (/etc/crontab):

    10 22 * * * bitrix /opt/webdir/bin/ sitemanager0 /home/bitrix/backup/archive
    For more flexible set up of backup startup time go directly to /etc/crontab.

Note. Please check the available disk space and regularly delete old backups.

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