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Last Modified: 18.01.2021

All configuration files, scenarios and other tools required ansible are stored in the directory /etc/ansible/.

Most important is description of hosts, managed by the Virtual Appliance. In the most simple case – it is a local server with the installed Bitrix environment.

Inventory includes:

  • file /etc/ansible/hosts – or inventory file (configuration description) contains description of hosts that can be managed.

    In case of BitrixVM Virtual Appliance we store only groups and hosts that are included into these groups.

    The file /etc/ansible/hosts is separated by groups. Groups have roles, executed by servers. The same server can be located in several groups.


    # Bitrix VM default configuration group
    vm03 ansible_ssh_host=
    vm04 ansible_connection=local ansible_ssh_host=
    vm03 ansible_ssh_host=

    The group [bitrix-hosts] contains all hosts that can be managed.

    The group [bitrix-push] contains hosts that execute role of push server. In this example: server vm03 acts as the instant message server.

    Attention! Do not add the same host via different interfaces to the inventory!

  • files in catalogs /etc/ansible/host_vars/ and /etc/ansible/group_vars/ – personal server and groups settings accordingly.


    bx_connect: ipv4
    bx_host: vm04
    bx_hostname: vm04

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