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Last Modified: 18.01.2021

In addition to nginx (stable), bx-nginx package includes additional modules:

  • The push-stream-module is the instant message module and is optional, because at this moment we do not recommend using NodeJS push-server. Exception may be small projects without significant load from the large volume of dispatched instant messages: it is less demanding to server capacity. This module is also used for compatibility with previous BitrixVM versions.
  • Modules mod-zip and headers-more are used jointly for fast downloading of file archives via nginx server tools.
  • Module pagespeed allows optimizing server for a fast content downloading without any content changes. It is available in the bx-nginx build, but is not used in BitrixVM.It was enabled due to customer requests, however, settings via the menu BitrixVM is not planned, because Bitrix24 products use Bitrix Composite Site technology.
  • Module brotli is the module for supporting new data compression standard, developed by Google. It is included into the bx-nginx build without settings, and configuration is being developed for upcoming BitrixVM versions.

When installing bitrix-env the following is created for nginx:

  • settings for connected bx-nginx modules (except the pagespeed module).

  • settings for downloading files stored in cloud from Yandex, Google, Cloudflare and etc. using nginx.

    Bitrix24 products main module settings has the option Fast file download using nginx, that uses header X-Accel-Redirect to generate a special link. This link is processed by the nginx, server and it then proxies the query to the connected storage and sends a requested file to a client. This way, php-query processing backend service resources are freed up and the file transfer process is accelerated as the result.

  • settings for various rules for Bitrix-based site, including blocking access to resources. Static data is downloaded by nginx, dynamic data is sent to Apache.

Also, there are variants for additional settings available from scenarios via the virtual appliance menu:

  • installing Let's Encrypt SSL certificates,
  • creating new sites (only one is available at the start).
  • working using only https and etc.

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