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Last Modified: 02.07.2020

VMBitrix.CRM is created based on the BitrixVM. It's a readymade solution for CRM. Such virtual appliance contains the same features as theBitrixVM main virtual appliance.

However, there are few differences:

  1. The following is removed from VMBitrix.CRM:

    • host management
    • expanded site management (removed the site creating, deleting, ntlm)
    • management of MySQL and replication
    • management of memcache, sphinx
    • management of web role and monitoring
  2. When VMBitrix.CRM is started, immediately the following is implemented:

    • pool is created
    • memcache is configured
    • operational push server is installed

VMBitrix.CRM can be downloaded at Bitrix24 website for different virtual box editions.

Then Bitrix24.CRM is installed (or restored from backup archive), email and SSL certificate configured. When done, you'll have a Bitrix24 with CRM ready for use!

VMBitrix.CRM is also provided as the auto-installation package .exe file for those users that want to get Bitrix24.CRM in a few clicks and don't have sufficient technical knowledge. This package is compatible with 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2008 2012 2016.

This installer will:

  • download and install VirtualBox
  • download a VMBitrix.CRM image and import it to VirtualBox
  • install service based on options you select
  • launch the virtual appliance and receive an IP address

Next, complete Bitrix24.CRM installation procedure or restore from a backup copy.

Note: When installed as service and the PC is restarted, the virtual appliance will run in a background mode. Windows user must set a password to run it as a service.

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