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Last Modified: 24.10.2018

Attention! Knowledge of how to administer *nix systems is required for operations described in this section. Please, create a full Virtual appliance system backup before performing the operations described below.

When developing your BitrixEnv/VMBitrix.CRM-based solutions, tracking of file version changes will be required. This feature can be enabled by connecting a source data repository for Virtual Appliance, allowing to track all changes and modifications.

Attention! Packet source codes are available for BitrixEnv/VMBitrix.CRM, starting from version 7.3.0.

  1. Add file for the repo /etc/yum.repos.d/bitrix-source.repo with the following content:

    name=$OS $releasever - source
  2. Check, if the packet yum-utils is available:

    yum clean all && yum install yum-utils
  3. Download source data for the virtual appliance:

    • standard BitrixEnv:

      yumdownloader --source bitrix-env
      Approx. console response for standard BitrixEnv
    • VMBitrix.CRM

      yumdownloader --source bitrix-env-crm
      Approx. console response for VMBitrix.CRM

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