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Last Modified: 24.12.2020

To start working with services, the pool with one or several servers must be created and configured. To do that, select 1 Create Management pool of server main menu item and enter the name for the server.

Pool creation wizard opens all the necessary CentOS ports allowing for correct operation:

  • 22 – ssh access;
  • 80 / 443 – http / https web-server;
  • 8890 / 8891 – http/https ntlm;
  • 8893 / 8894 – http/https instant message server;
  • 5222 / 5223 – http/https xmpp-server.

When a pool is not created, only ports 22, 80 and 443 are open.

Majority of projects require only one server in the pool, created at the initial BitrixEnv installation stage (see chapters above).

Adding additional servers into the pool (cluster) can be needed during system scaling to distribute load between several physical servers. It is done by assigning special roles to each server in the pool. When you do not have additional physical servers, there is no need to add them to the pool.

Attention! Server in the pool does not mean a site! If you need to create or add a website in the BitrixEnv, proceed to the menu Configure pool sites.

After creating a pool, main menu adds new items:

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