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Last Modified: 18.01.2021

Absible scenario API can collect all the main data about sites: list of all sites, created at the server, as well as defines site type, database settings, DOCUMENT_ROOT, email settings, cron and backups, composite site and etc.

List of actions

List of actions, performed with sites from the virtual appliance menu:

File storage structure

Structure for Bitrix sites config file storage:


  • /bitrix/.settings.php – bitrix site settings.
  • /bitrix/php_interface/dbconn.php – bitrix site settings.

Apache files in /etc/httpd/bx/conf/:

  • default.conf – config for default site.
  • bx_ext_<SITE_NAME>.conf – config for all the rest of sites.

Nginx files in /etc/nginx/bx/site_enabled/:

  • s1.conf и ssl.s1.conf – configs for default site for http and https respectively.
  • >bx_ext_<SITE_NAME>.conf and bx_ext_ssl_<SITE_NAME>.conf – site configs for http and https respectively.

Crontab files:

  • /etc/cron.d/bx_<DBNAME>

Additional information

Additionally to the above, server and database settings are applied as well.

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