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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

If you want to remove a site from the system, you should first remove or detach all objects assigned to this site. Otherwise, these objects may prevent the site from being deleted.

Currently, a common user may face difficulties when deleting a site, as they have to mannually view all objects assigned to the site. These can be orders, information blocks, forums and other objects. Besides, objects can be bound to more than one site, that is why users only need to detach them from a site, and not to remove.

Error messages are displayed during the procedure of site deletion; they can help search for such objects.

The exact module which is to be searched for an object to remove or detach can be defined by the class or function contained in the error description. The example of the error below illustrates that the site cannot be removed as there is a payer type assigned to this site.

Error messages

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