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The following statistics can be viewed on the per-site basis.

Statistics summary
  • dynamics
  • sections and pages
  • entrance points
  • exit points
Site paths
  • session lenght
  • click density
Event list:
Search engine hits:
  • hit list
  • list of search engines
Search phrases:
  • list of phrases
  • internal search queries
Indexing: search engine hits
Referring sites:
  • sites
  • pages
  • clicks
  • list of visitors
  • visitor sessions
  • visitor hits
  • stop list
Users on-line

Statistics can be gathered on the per-site basis using the filter, which can be found on every report page. The following examples illustrate the use of filters and conditions.

The Bitrix Site Manager does not allow to restrict permissions to view the statistics of a specific site. User groups that are entitled to access the statistics module can view the statistics of all sites.

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