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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

For the convenient handling of content, file structure in Site Explorer is displayed on the per-site basis.

The logical structure of a site is divided in the following way:

How it works

The logical structure of a site is created using titles that are specified in the folder properties form.

The same titles are used when building the site navigation chain.

File names in the logical structure are created using page titles specified when the page is being edited. The title in the page code is specified using the SetTitle() function.

With the second multisite configuration method, the structure of files and folders is created on the per-site basis.

With the first configuration method, viewing the file and folder structure reveals the layout of both sites, simultaneously.

The folder in the red frame is the second site root.

It is recommended to enable simultaneous display of physical and locigal structure. The file title will be displayed beside the real file name.

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