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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

Using a single installation of the Bitrix Site Manager, you can create the unlimited number of sites* while keeping a single copy of the core and the system database on a server.

Usually, when creating a site, you install the system in the root directory; after that, you add static pages and files to be displayed in various site mirrors (e.g. the language mirrors), to subfolders of the root directory. If you create more than one site on a single server, you should install the system in each root directory of the corresponding site. Obviously, such approach brings about the total decentralization of control over projects. Moreover, the disc space is expended extremely wastefully.

The Bitrix Site Manager is developed to comply with the demands of companies interested in supporting more than one site (e.g. language mirrors or subject sections). The concept of multisiting requires much less resources for the project support and allows to manage all sites from a single spot of the globe.

The Bitrix Site Manager core allows to use the following URL's to identify sites of the system:

  • relative (/com/, /en/) - for mirrors of a site of the same domain controlled by a single system;
  • root ( - for different sites controlled by a single system;
  • absolute( - for separate mirrors and/or sites controlled by a single system.

For example, to create two sites without having to install the system in the root directories of each site, or to create two sites not distributing them to subdirectories of the root directory, you have to create two web servers (or virtual hosts) with different root folders and create symbolic links to folders /bitrix and /upload using the operation system tools.

Thus, common entities for all projects are folders /bitrix and /upload and the database. Sites are distinguished by static pages and a Site field of the database objects (news, polls etc.)

* - The number of sites based on one product copy is restricted by the licensing policy.

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