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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The message files localization can be implemented the following ways:

  • manually (when the site administrator searches and translates necessary message files);
  • with use of the Localization module tools.

The Localization module provides users with the handy interface for text messages search and translation. The Localization module allows:

  • to look through the message files distribution among the system files;
  • define the number of not translated text messages for every file;
  • proceed to the necessary text messages translation.

To look through the message files distribution among the system files open the Interface localization page:

Settings -> Localization

The number of not translated text messages used in file or directory is displayed with red color. To implement a text message translation choose the file, where the message is used, and input the message translation for necessary language:

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Note: Only messages available for displaying in the same (current) encoding are shown in the form.

You can quickly start translating the missing messages directly from a page on which these messages are used (both in the public section and Control Panel). To activate the quick translation mode, use the button (it is visible if the corresponding option is checked in the Localization module settings) or add the parameter show_lang_files=Y to the page address:

As the result at the bottom of the page will be displayed list of message files used on the page.

The files names are displayed as links allowing to proceed to these files messages translation. Also at the end of the list is shown the field intended for text messages exact fit search.

For example, let’s try to search the «Site search» phrase used in the search form.

To do so type the phrase in the search field.

As the result there will be shown a list of files containing the search phrase.

Search phrase is displayed as link allowing to proceed to this phrase translation.

Information: All localized phrases can be collected with use of the special script. Collected files can be placed in the Update system for downloading by other users.

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