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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The Bitrix Site Manager distinctive feature is the multi-lingual interface support. The system allows:

  • using multi-lingual interface in the administrative section;

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  • creating any number of sites on different languages.

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Note: The number of languages available for using in administrative section do not depend on the sites number.

Browsers use encoding for correct text displaying. Below you can see the encodings used for displaying symbols of Russian, English and German languages.

Russian (ru)windows-1251, koi8-r, iso-8859-5
English (en)windows-1252, iso-8859-1, latin1
German (de)windows-1252, iso-8859-1, latin1

The full list of encodings is available in the product documentation.

Some languages cannot be rendered using only one single-byte charset, e.g. Greek and French. That is why it is necessary to define encoding that will be used for displaying symbols of this or that language.

Encoding for public and administrative sections are adjusted separately:

  • Encoding used in the public section is assigned for each site in the "Site edit" form:

    Settings -> System settings -> Sites -> List of sites.

    Encoding is assigned with respect to language that will be used for site content representation.

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    Also the "Edit site" form allows to adjust parameters for time and date show in the public section of each site.

  • Encoding of administrative section is adjusted for every language intended for usage in the administrative section.

    Settings -> Interface languages.

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      Also the "Edit language" form allows to define parameters of date and time displaying in the administrative section for each language.

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