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Last Modified: 07.07.2020

Bitrix24:CRM has to be installed on the BitrixVM.CRM virtual appliance.

Therefore, before installing Bitrix24:CRM you have to download and unpack the VM image for your VM player. Use the script when installing the system on CentOS 7.

Note: VMware, Virtualbox and other VM software are supported. Virtualbox is free for commercial use. Please refer to your VM documentation for installation instructions.

Installation example using VMPlayer.

  1. Start VMPlayer and select Player - File - Open in the menu. Select a .vmx file from the folder with the extracted virtual appliance files.

    Attention! It is not recommended to decrease the default settings specified in the VM image.

  2. 2. Run the virtual appliance. The console window will show the VM address on your local network (bitrix url):

    Attention! When the VM is started for the first time, it shows the appliance assigned root password. You have to change this password in the VM parameters.
    • Enter the login root in the string localhost login and the current password in Password string (our example shows root password: won3c22sbi).
    • Indicate current password in (current) UNIX password and click Enter.
    • Enter new password in the string Enter new UNIX password and click Enter.
    • Repeat new password in the string Retype new UNIX password and click Enter.
    to replace this password with your own.

  3. 3. Enter this VM address in your browser to open the installation page. It opens new installation windows Click on image, to expand . You have an option to recover from a previously created backup archive, or select installation language.

    Click Continue to download the installation package. Once it has been downloaded, an initial Wizard page will open.

  4. Follow all three installation wizard steps. The last step will prompt you to enter a login, a password and other auxiliary information to create an Administrator account:

    Complete the form's fields. You will want to uncheck the I want to register .... option if you have a valid commercial registration key for Bitrix24.CRM. If you leave the checkbox in place, the system will automatically activate a demo key which will be valid for 30 days.
  5. Click Next. The system will configure and add final touches to your Bitrix24. Once the installation is completed, you can start using your Bitrix24 right away.

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