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Last Modified: 01.07.2015

The meeting commences from the button Start meeting in the form of creating/editing the meeting. In this case, the meeting form will go to the mode Minutes. The following options are available in the mode Minutes:

  • Creating agenda topics included during the meeting:

  • Keeping minutes of the meeting in general:

  • Keeping a report on the topic. Clicking the name of the topic will open a report form of the person responsible for the topic:

    This form contains 4 zones:
    • 1 - Reports.

      Here, a report on the selected topic is kept. Only the person responsible for this topic can keep the report.

    • 2 - Topic history.

      This option is available only if the meeting is created from the previous one. The topic history can be minimized to save space on the screen occupied by the form.

    • 3 - Tasks.

      The list of tasks attached to the subject of the topic under discussion is displayed.

    • 4 - Comments.

      This field is available to all attendees of the meeting enabling them to add comments to the topic. The files attached to the comment to the topic will be attached to the topic as a whole.

      Note: The same principle also applies to the files attached to the meeting.

  • Finishing topics and the meeting. The finished topic can be marked by placing a check mark. The meeting is finished by clicking the button Finish meeting.

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