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Last Modified: 04.12.2014

You can connect your personal email inbox to the portal so that you will have an indicator of new messages in the menu and a convenient link to open your regular email client.

To connect a mailbox:

  • Use the Mail item in the left menu, or click E-mail integration options in the user menu:

  • Select one of the e-mail services you use for your correspondence.

  • Provide logon information for your e-mail account.

    When using an IMAP server, specify the following additional parameters:
    • E-mail server web interface URL: the URL of a web site or web interface for user with this web server. This link will be used for redirects when viewing the e-mails.
    • IMAP server address: the address of an IMAP server to query for new e-mails.
  • Once the parameters have been saved, the left menu will show the number of new messages beside the Mail menu item. Click it to view your e-mail in a new tab.

To edit e-mail connection parameters, select E-mail integration options in the user menu.

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